Who we are

MyAcademicintegrity is a product of Academicplagiarism.com INC. We are a small team of educators, artists and instructional designers who share a passion for teaching and learning. Since 2008, we have worked closely with students and academic institutions, worldwide, to promote integrity and help create a sound learning environment based on respect, honesty and trust. Our educational philosophy is guided by a simple principle: Prevention must supersede detection. In deed, plagiarism is a complex problem that can only be resolved by empowering learners with the knowledge they need to ethically and responsibly engage others’ ideas. Myacademicintegrity is the culmination of over a decade of collaborative research and teaching practice that lead to the development of a comprehensive course that addresses academic integrity in its broader context. Instead of focusing exclusively on the mechanics of attribution, we have placed a great deal of importance on the role of morality because learning can only take place in an environment of honesty, fairness and respect. When these sacred principles are undermined, cheating and dishonesty become rampant, which eventually leads to the collapse of society’s most treasured asset: it’s population’s intellectual force that ensures its existence and prosperity. On an individual level, violating academic integrity is a betrayal to one’s morality first before being a betrayal of others... a heinous betrayal of one’s friends, classmates and professors and all other members of this community who have invested dearly in building a sound learning environment based on decency and justness.